There is nothing sweeter than hearing my newborn baby girl giggle, eating dark chocolate, and seeing two people genuinely in love. You can find love almost anywhere you look but for these two it was in the most uncommon place they would expect.

This gallery is an Asbury New Jersey boardwalk beach portrait session with a real couple that wanted to take some early anniversary photos at one of their favorite places by the beach.

It’s been a few years of marriage, a big move, and a child later but these two entrepreneurs Natalie and Danny showed off their love in these images. I asked them a few questions so here is the short version of how their love story started.

Q: Who is in the photo shoot, how old are they, and what is their relation?

A: Natalie McGhee, 36, and Daniel McGhee, 38. We are husband and wife!

Q: What is the significance of your family photo shoot? Are you memorializing a special occasion?

A: We were celebrating the third anniversary of when we met, which was in December 2016. We first matched on a dating app in September of that year but didn’t officially meet until three months later as Danny is from England and was living there at the time. Once he flew to New York to meet Natalie, the rest was history. He moved to the states shortly after, they married in April, and now have a beautiful daughter named Noelle.

Q: How and why did you choose the setting of your family photo shoot?

A: The time of the photoshoot also celebrated one year of our family living in Asbury Park, NJ – a move that has brought so many new adventures and opportunities. We chose the iconic boardwalk and beach because it was quintessential Asbury.

Q: What was your favorite picture from the day, and why?

A: Ooh, there’s so many favorites. But we love the one of us walking hand in hand towards the camera because it symbolizes the teamwork component of our marriage. We both have businesses, work from home together, parent together, and navigate this thing called life… together.

Enjoy the gallery from this day