Hi, hello and welcome! I’m a wedding and family portrait photographer based in New Jersey and it's my goal to make every client be their authentic self in photographs for all generations treasure. 

My style can be described as romantic modern photography. I shoot with a mix of two mediums (film and digital cameras) to create a clean film aesthetic.  It may sound nuts but I do enjoy walking into a room of chaos and finding pockets of timeless memories in a romantic, relaxed, and natural style. 

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moira- schitts creek

"Sometimes, in life and in love, risks must be taken. One never knows what may happen."

Each moment can pass in the blink of an eye, so we will make the most of this window and breathe life into the events taking place. I believe that my job is to capture not only memories but also the emotion, relief, sadness, and absolute joy on this unforgettable day. It may sound silly but I do enjoy quietly walking into a room of chaos and finding pockets of timeless memories in your relaxed, and natural self with the ones you love.

fleeting moments

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We know you have taking all your free time to craft your wedding and working with the vendors to plan a experience that is a reflection of the two of you. Those details will not go unphotographed.    

meaningful details

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We live for

Even though you have coordinated the day down to the last minute sometimes there will be the unexpected. It could be the weather or an unexpected clothing malfunction. As your photographer, we have seen many things go awry so we will embrace the moment and continue forward in the best safest way possible, with care and determination to get through any issues that come up. 

coordinated chaos

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