Last year my family and I made a huge change and moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for my husband’s job.  Keep in mind,  Las Vegas is where I spent all of my 20’s and part of my 30’s so I did a lot of growing up there.

I saw city landscape changes, went through joys and hard times with this city.  I saw the club scene turn into a huge multi-million dollar industry overnight.  Forged new friendships and lost a few along the way.   I wouldn’t change anything about the time I had there.  It will always have a part of me





Fast forward to today.  A new work opportunity has us following it east.  When this heavy choice came about to move to New Jersey at first we were super hesitant because we do not know the area.  Will we like it?  What is there to do there?  My other fear was I would need to update all of my photography information and marketing to a new area and most importantly we would have to make sure this new area was family-friendly.

Like most married couples my husband and I did a lot of research, talked to some friends from the area, then we came up with a compromise to make it all happen.  Of course there a little push back from loved ones who were concerned for a new location move but that’s to be expected with big life-changing choices.  But here’s the crazy thing, I’ve always wanted to live in or close to NYC as its one of my favorite cities to visit.  Not to mention that it’s a short hop over to Europe.

Is it scary? YA!  Will this be the last move we make in our lives, probably not.  All depends and our 20-year long term goal would be trying to save as much as we can for early retirement.  Just have to adapt to where the job takes us.

I’m lucky that my office is versatile for photography.  Most of my work is outdoors at a gorgeous venue with beautiful couples like yourself or working on personal projects and watching our son grow up.

We would love to meet you very soon!