Step into the opulent chronicles of captured moments!
I’m your Nevada-based wedding photographer, capturing moments that scream "forever" in Reno, California, and the Garden State, New Jersey! As your friendly neighborhood memory-maker, my mission is to immortalize your true essence, ensuring your future selves and generations to come have a treasure trove of genuine moments to cherish.

Picture this: a fusion of romance and modern flair, where every click tells a timeless tale. I’m the photographic ninja, blending film and digital wizardry to paint your narrative against vibrant backdrops. From candid whispers to grandiose "I do's," I'm there, capturing the essence of your love story in every frame.

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But wait, there's more! Channeling the comedic energy of Bridesmaids or the wild antics of The Hangover, we'll turn your wedding day into a blockbuster hit. Picture the romance of a Meg Ryan movie combined with the hilarious chaos of your favorite wedding comedy. Your wedding album isn't just a collection of photos; it's a visual journey through the ages, where memories are made and laughter is inevitable.

Now, let's talk pain points. Worried about posing? Fear not, I’m the master of the candid moment, ensuring your authenticity shines through effortlessly. Concerned about capturing those fleeting emotions? I’ve got you covered with my blend of film and digital expertise, guaranteeing a vibrant, lifelike portrayal of your special day.

So, whether you’re saying "I do" in the glittering lights of Reno, the sunny shores of California, or the charming landscapes of New Jersey (exit corny trends, enter timeless memories), I’m here to turn your wedding dreams into pixel-perfect reality. Suit up, because this journey is going to be (wait for it) Legen- dary!

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

At Simone Jaramillo Photography, we limit our wedding bookings to just 15 per year. This deliberate choice not only optimizes our workflow but also allows us to invest more time in nurturing a meaningful relationship for your special day. Equally important, it grants me the opportunity to prioritize my family commitments.

Rest assured, you won't encounter any aggressive sales tactics here. Our transparent approach begins with wedding day pricing starting at $3200. Once we've had a conversation, I'll provide you with a comprehensive proposal guide tailored to your needs.

Let's connect to determine if we're the perfect fit for your vision. Whether it's a face-to-face meeting or a virtual video call, we're excited about the possibility of getting to know you better. Don't delay—schedule a consultation today and let's bring your dream celebration to life!

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Interested in learning more about working with us? The best way to do so is by filling out an official inquiry below. We'll be in touch within a few days to chat about availability, your wedding vision and more. Happy planning! 

Each moment can pass in the blink of an eye, so we will make the most of this window and breathe life into the events taking place. I believe that my job is to capture not only memories but also the emotion, relief, sadness, and absolute joy on this unforgettable day. It may sound silly but I do enjoy quietly walking into a room of chaos and finding pockets of timeless memories in your relaxed, and natural self with the ones you love.

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We know you have taking all your free time to craft your wedding and working with the vendors to plan a experience that is a reflection of the two of you. Those details will not go unphotographed.    There will be plenty of details to choose from. 

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Even though you have coordinated the day down to the last minute sometimes there will be the unexpected. It could be the weather, power outage, an unexpected clothing malfunction. As your photographer, we have seen many things go awry so we will embrace the moment and continue forward in the best safest way possible, with care and determination to get through any issues that come up. 

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