Private Estate Wedding in Connecticut

Meredith & Logan

Meredith and Logan two wandering souls that found love in a crazy place, the salty sea that is.  They are both captains sailing on Tall Ships and jobs like these are not for the faint of hearts or weak stomachs. These boats are big and beautiful. Just to give you a picture they are kind of like a larger version of the Black Pearl (yes yes I know its a fictional boat) from Pirates of the Carribean with no pirates of course.

Anyways, they had a beautiful private estate wedding at Meredith’s childhood home. A beautiful estate with a small pond, lots of grass to relax by a fire or have friends camp out and it’s next to a small lake. Perfect location for a wedding that has special meaning. Guests from all over the world came to see this joyous event and made Heather and I feel right at home.

When it was time for the show to start everyone surrounded the edge of the lake in a half-circle some sitting and standing. Meredith and Logan had nervously waited for this moment to happen. You know what I enjoyed seeing. All of the parents had a sweet part in their day. Logan’s father officiated them and all parents had a chance to participate in a hand tieing ceremony at the end of the I do’s.

Cocktails were a big hit and most of the seasoned sailors gathered at the Rum shed for a beverage. wonder the world and starting on their next journey in life. Second shooter for Heather Shough.



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