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Session Information

Throughout the year, I will offer seasonal mini sessions for families, couples, and single folks.

Spring sessions: April- May

Summer beach sessions: June – August

Fall/Winter sessions: Late October- November

*most Sessions will be booked for a sunday durning the morning or sunset hours*

Here are some details below:

Appointments are required

What is a mini session? Each appointment will be 20 mins of photography service starting at $150 and up (price depends on location and setup) for up to 8 people. If your party is bigger you would need to book a full one-hour session.

What location? Most sessions will happen at a park, public area, and or studio/venue space that I have rented for the day to create these sessions. Sessions at farms most require visiting guests to pay them admission directly and that fee is not included in the session price. Public areas such as Botanical Gardens, Manors, State parks may require a permit for a set amount of time. These mini sessions are higher in price to cover that fee.

How does the session work? After we get you checked in the session will start. Since these are short we will need all cooperation to work efficiently as possible. Depending on the season and or setup you can expect 5-8 different poses to be included in your session. After your session, the images are edited with my photography aesthetic.

If you are not familiar with my photography please look at my short videos below and view my gallery before booking.

Can I schedule more time? Yes, a one-hour family session starts at $400 (up to 12 people).

How long will it take to get my photos? Your images are sent to your email of choice 3 weeks after of your session date.

How many photos do I receive? They are called mini sessions for a reason, minimal time, fast-paced and clients receive 10 digital images.

Can I purchase more digitals and how? All printables and options to purchase more digital files are available in your gallery shop once your gallery is completed and sent.

Sessions will follow all Covid-19 state guidelines so please come prepared with a mask on until we actually are doing photos.  

Fill out the form below if you are interested in 2022 mini sessions

(this page will be updated periodically).

Video Reels of Past Shoots