July 29, 2020

South Jersey Beach Photos

Magoffin Maternity Session

Ocean City, New Jersey

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Since the start of Rona social media has been a great help to virtually meet new people looking for a small business or service.  (I mean that is one of the reasons why it was created right??)  And as most new client relationships start in this digital generation age, meeting through a local group via Facebook is the best.  You find almost anything or you can see posts about questions, suggestions, and people asking for recommendations, and since photography services are my jam I’m putting myself out there for any wedding and family portrait considerations.  Mind you in our area of south jersey, there are HELLA (sorry Californian transplant here) talented photographers.  So any photography-related post is always overflowing with great potential.  Lucky for me I had the location the client was looking for so it worked in my favor we meet.

Kelly and her family had a stay-cation slash babymoon for a beach holiday down on the beautiful shore in Ocean Beach. They are expecting a baby boy in August and they wanted to take some family photos to remember these joyous moments.   We lucked out on the right day because there had been some serious rainstorms that week. The night we chose to be on the beach was a chill 80 but the ocean water had to be 75 it was so perfectly warm (no sharks thank goodness).  It was a quick 30-minute session just before the final bit of golden light fled the beach.  It was the perfect way to end the gorgeous day before a nice dinner with loved ones.

I’m really happy we all met and I’m wishing them all the happy and positive vibes for a safe delivery coming up soon.



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