Patty & Cory's

Intimate Acapulco Destination Wedding

Are you just starting planning your wedding?  Do you want to try a destination?  I have an idea for you.

This boho romantic wedding was in for my friends Cory and Patty.  After endless searching and a few trips to Mexico later they decided to keep it intimate and have a small wedding.  Just two beautiful souls exchanging vows with some fresh beach air and an outdoor dining table set for 40 of your closest family and friends.   Believe or not November in Acapulco is pretty warm and humid.  I had no idea until we got there just how humid.  If you are a photographer and have shot in a humid place you have to let your gear acclimate to the temperature of the area before you start shooting.  Otherwise, your lenses will get all foggy.

Its was a wonderful long weekend with everyone and enjoying the local restaurants like La Finca and the real treat was going down to the Mercado in the center of town.  If I had to compare it to a place I’ve been to here in the US I would say it was like the LA downtown alleys with a lot more food options.